You’re Stronger Than You Know Sweater from Taylor Jay

You're Stronger Than You Know Sweater from Taylor Jay

Designed for women of all sizes and shapes, the apparel of Taylor Jay is comfortable and ever changing as we move through life. Oakland, Ca. designer Taylor Jay wanted to create styles for every women-every one of us! We want comfort, style and to be able to afford sustainable fabrics and modern designs. From this You’re Stronger Than You Know sweater to jumpsuits and dresses, you will feel good in every piece.

I LOVE this sweater. ‘You’re Stronger Than You Know’ turns a lot of heads. I think everyone can relate to this or at least be reminded. It is so soft and a simple writing on the front allows me to dress it up or keep it simple. By adding a touch of gold and rolling sleeves, I can dress warm and comfortably but feel like I styled myself for the day.

During the pandemic, it was tough for them to stay open so they started making and selling fashion masks. For each mask sold, they donated one to an essential worker. They mean well and actually do good and I am happy to feature Taylor Jay. Shop their fashion online or in store (Oakland, Ca).

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