TruffLuv brings the benefits of black truffles to your hair

TruffLuv brings the benefits of black truffles to your hair

Before I tried TruffLuv, I would tell you that how I decide on a best hair product depends on the ingredient list. I think I have a true second reason now – the scent! I am crazy about the ingredients inside TruffLuv products and how soft my hair is. But, I have to also mention how good these products smell in my hair! I will always need the TruffLuv Argan Style Cream in my life. I rub a bit into my styled hair each morning to get that amazing scent.

TruffLuv uses the powerful benefits of black truffles that are so rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and micronutrients. These pack loads of vitamins that nourish, strengthen and soften my hair…and did I mention it smells amazing?

Of course black truffles is not the only ingredient. TruffLuv has 2 collections, the Nourish and Indulge Collections. The Nourish Collection includes Argan oil to nourish and hydrate. The Indulge Collection is has the best black truffle benefits with olive oil fruit and shea butter to repair damaged or colored hair. I currently use the Truffle Mask from the Indulge collection once a week and daily I use a very small amount (all you need) of the Argan Style Cream from the Nourish collection through my styled hair for a hydrating finish. Shop TruffLuv today and elevate your hair care!

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