This towel set by Thyme & Sage will help you clean, cook and dry

This towel set by Thyme & Sage will help you clean, cook and dry

If you cook meals often, you know that we need more than one towel on hand for the process. I need a towel for protecting my hands from heat or the counter from pans, I need to clean my messes, dry my dishes and cover bowls of food at rest. This Thyme & Sage towel set gives you 3 different towels to get you from prep to clean up. The towels are even labeled No. 1-3 so you don’t grab that towel that wiped raw meat and accidentally use it to dry your clean bowls!

towel set

I am using the Elderberry set (blue), but they come in other colors. All of the towels are 100% cotton and measure 20″x30″. Each towel is a bit different:

No. 1 — The Cleaner is for your dirty hands, spills and mopping your counters. The fibers in this towel absorb liquids very well.

No. 2 — The Cook is for lining and covering foods. Use this one over rising dough or ringing out spinach or lining the rice cook pans. No 2 is for your food!

No. 3 — The Multitasker is for everything else! This towel is the one you want nearby in every step to grapping hot handles, shining silverware or doing quick hand wipes.

cotton towels

Thyme & Sage uses high-quality yarns woven at responsible, well-run factories. Find these towel sets, tablecloths and more in their online shop based out of Portland, Oregon. They make great Easter basket gifts, wedding gifts and work great for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifting.

Thank you to Thyme & Sage for samples. Opinions are my own

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