The WanderFull Bag is perfect for hiking and travel

The WanderFull Bag is perfect for hiking and traveling

Free your hands while hiking or travel with this genius, WanderFull bag. This bag is designed to hold your water bottle and more! It really holds almost any beverage bottle or cup. Then there are 2 other compartments for your cards, ID’s and other small belongings. I use a crossbody for my small items and cards, but still have to carry my water bottle on dog walks or hikes. This bag 100% frees my hands!

I have the WanderFull bag in color, White Glossy and there are many other designs and colors to choose from. The bag is designed with an adjustable, removable shoulder strap and 2 zip pockets. It is great to keep belongings and water close by at picnics and backyard parties and also comfortable on long hikes. It holds water bottles in a way where there is no weight shifting or weighed down feeling while on walks.

The main pocket is water resistant so your belongings in the pocket will not get wet if you were to have a leaky bottle. It even fits a bottle of wine for festivals and date night picnics. This makes such a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts, concert-goers, College students and more. Shop for the right color at the WanderFull website.

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