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The Nanit Sound and Light Machine is your nursery must have

Thank you to Nanit for sending a sample for an honest review. Opinions are my own

The Nanit Sound and Light Machine is your nursery must have

Simply put, the Nanit is a sound and light machine that is app controlled to help children fall asleep, stay asleep longer, and build healthy sleep routines. The features are something to break down to see what makes Nanit unique. Although it was made or the nursery, it is a great addition to a guest room as well.

Nanit Sound

  • 11 soothing settings – white noise and nature sounds, lullabies, and wake-up songs
  • Cry detection- when baby cries, you get an alert
  • Control sound options from your phone so baby is not disturbed
  • Easily set up favorites to choose from

Nanit Light

  • Night light offers endless customizable color combinations
  • Customize the brightness
  • Variable settings for wind-down and wake-up routines
  • Control settings from your device
  • Easily set up favorites to choose from

The white design esthetically fits into any room decor and space. The light it lets off is just right at every level. The app is very easy to work through. There is no confusion on the set up and steps. Setting and finding favorites is a great feature. You can set the wake up, wind down and sleep favorites so you just select an option each moment, rather than customizing throughout the day.

The USB-A to USB-C cable reaches nearby outlets without the need for extra cords and the battery holds a charge well. Nanit makes a great travel companion for sleep and soothing on-the-go. Visit Nanit for more camera and light options for the nursery and home, as well as travel.

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