Subarashii Kudamono Offers Asian Pear Gift Boxes for the Holidays

I never knew a pear could taste so fantastic and have such great texture. Honestly, I never gave much thought beyond the store pears I buy at the grocer. Now I think the pear is my new favorite fruit after trying the varieties in my Asian Pear gift box from Subarashii Kudamono. These hand-picked, hand-packed Asian Pear varieties include LilySan, AnaSan, EliSan, New Pear, and JunoSan.

If you are as unfamiliar with the best pear varieties as I was, I’ll share what I learned about what was in my gift box.

  • LilySan – picked late in the fall pear season. Milder flavor great for baking or with meat dishes.
  • AnaSan – picked earlier in the pear season. Sweet and juicy and great as a snack or appetizer
  • EliSan – picked near mid-pear season. Crisp and juicy with mild tartness. Great in salad or meat dishes
  • New Pear – picked almost anytime. So savory and refreshing and great as a wine appetizer or dessert
  • JunoSan – picked anytime. The crispiest and so delicant that it is great in a sandwich or salad

Pear gift boxes are such a great Holiday gift because they are harvested September-November. Once you experience these varieties, a bartlett hardly cuts it anymore! Shop gift boxes at

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