Stay warm outdoors under the Mozy Wearable Blanket

Stay warm outdoors under the Mozy Wearable Blanket

As a Mom and also working at the local high school, I have had to spend hours outside in very cold weather. I have attended a sports event on a cold day and brought my stadium blanket, only to find that it is impossible to warm up when sitting on cold bleachers. To make it worse, if I have to get up to move over, use the bathrooms or go but a coffee, I have to remove myself from my blanket and start all over when I sit back down. If this sounds familiar to you, the Mozy wearable blanket is such a game changer when attempting to stay warm outdoors. It even came in handy during our freeze this week when I had to head out in the yard to clean up after the dogs.

The outer shell is waterproof and even flame-retardant around campfires. The inner lining is fleece. Wind and cold bleachers cannot penetrate this blanket. The top to bottom velcro is adjustable so once secured you can adjust out to move your legs and walk or wrap tighter when sitting still and you want to stay snug. I can wear my Mozy to sit at a campground, watch an outdoor game or even do yard work in winter weather.

Oh – and you can collect velcro patches like my Let’s Hike patch I chose for my Mozy! This blanket is the best thing I have experienced for outdoors in a long time. The amount of warmth is 500 times better than a stadium blanket and I believe that claim! From the first moment you try yours on, there is no doubt that the outdoor cold weather will be less stubborn from the waist down. I will need a second Mozy now for my RV and hiking bag! Shop all of the colors and styles at

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