Stay Cozy Outdoors with Rumpl Travel Gear

Stay Cozy Outdoors with Rumpl Travel Gear

As we enter spring and sprint towards summer, perhaps it is time to take inventory on your travel needs. If you plan to hike, camp, attend sports games or be outdoors where the days are warm and the nights are cool, the right gear will make a difference in comfort. I am very sensitive to cold, my skin reacts with cold urticaria and if I am prepared then it is manageable, but when caught without the right warmth I am so uncomfortable in my own skin. Rumpl, the inventors of The Original Puffy Blanket, has the outdoor blankets and towels that needs to be a staple for everyone.

The Rumpl blankets are great for sporting events, picnics and camping. They are so much better than dragging around a standard blanket because they are so compact and lightweight and are fantastic at keeping you warm-trust me!

More than just The Original Puffy Blanket, Rumpl has mats, pillow cases and towels made for the outdoor use. The Rumpl pillowcase is stuffable, meaning it folds so small for your bag and when you need to use it, just stuff it with clothing and you have wasted no room traveling with a pillow- genius! The towels are very quick-drying and repels sand. Also, the towels are a long 29.5 x 72” in size.

If you are looking to restock your outdoor gear, you will love shopping at Rumpl!

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