Soonsu Shining Peel – a quality peel

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Soonsu Shining Peel is a unique two-phase peel that includes a clear oil layer on the surface and a clear yellow liquid. The yellow color of the liquid is due to ingredients such as AHA, BHA, PHA acids, vitamin B12, retinol, and others. This radiant peel is ideal for evening out skin tone, renewing the skin’s surface, adding radiance and smoothness, removing imperfections and scars, and brightening the skin. The product is suitable for all ages, especially useful after the age of 35, when the natural processes of skin renewal slow down.

The effectiveness of skin care is not only in whitening, but also in stimulation of skin cell renewal, which provides therapeutic effect. The result of peeling is radiant skin on the face and any part of the body. Peeling also helps to deal with skin imperfections such as acne, enlarged pores, dull complexion, and more.

Benefits of Soonsu Shining Peel

  • The peptides in the composition minimize irritation and provide maximum effect.
  • The peel perfectly whitens, renews, and rejuvenates the skin.
  • The product increases the keratin and collagen content of the skin.
  • The stable double-layer formula reduces the chance of adverse reactions and ensures the desired results.
  • Vitamin C in the formulation reduces melanin synthesis and promotes skin brightening.
  • The combination of three peptides in the formula gives excellent results without pain or swelling.
  • Peeling helps to remove dead cells and improve the complexion.
  • The product is safe and does not cause allergies.

Scope of Soonsu Shining Peel

  • Soonsu Shining Peel is suitable for any area of the body.
  • It is used for general skin renewal, removal of post-acne marks, narrowing of pores.
  • Brightening of pigmentation and renewal of the upper layer of facial skin.
  • Correction of stretch marks on the body.
  • Skin peeling elbows and groin.
  • Treatment of atopic diseases.

Recommended use

Soonsu radiant peeling is applied every 7 to 12 days from 4 to 6 times. Noticeable results are achieved after three treatments.

Why do I need a biphasic peeling and its benefits?

A biphasic peel is a treatment that incorporates two different layers, each with its own unique function to improve skin health. The biphasic approach provides more comprehensive and effective skin care.

The main benefits of a biphasic peel are:

  • Deeper cleansing.
  • Skin renewal.
  • Balanced care.
  • Reduced irritation.
  • Effective brightening and improvement of skin texture.
  • Versatility.

How is it good for the skin?

  1. Improved skin texture. The active ingredients help to smooth the surface of the skin, making it smooth and radiant.
  2. Stimulation of cell renewal. Peeling accelerates the process of cell renewal, which helps to get rid of old, damaged cells and stimulates the growth of new ones.
  3. Pigmentation reduction. Peeling components help lighten dark spots and even out skin tone.
  4. Reduction of imperfections. Peeling helps fight acne, enlarged pores and other skin problems.
  5. Increase elasticity. Active ingredients such as vitamins and peptides strengthen the skin and improve its elasticity.

The biphasic peel combines the benefits of deep cleansing and active care, providing a comprehensive skin care treatment to promote skin health and beauty.

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Celine Dion

We can’t deny the effectiveness of skin care. This makes my skin shine.
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