Smelly Proof Reusable Storage Bags for back to school meal prep

Smelly Proof Reusable Storage Bags for back to school meal prep

I have had a busy summer and in all of our camping and BBQ’s, I have not been eating well. I go back to work next week and have jumped back on the healthy eating train. I stay motivated to eat better when I am prepared. To meal prep for breakfast smoothies and lunch salads ensures I will eat right. I have always hated the waste of plastic disposable bags. This year I am prepping with Smelly Proof. Their storage bags are reusable and 100% odor-proof, FDA-approved, and eco-conscious.

Food stays moisture free in the dual track zipper and strong oxygen, moisture ad odor barrier. These bags are tough! It is hard to give that effect in pictures, but to feel them and use them, it is easy to tell how solid these bags are for reuse. The large size (about 8×10) even stand on their own making it great for meal prep use!

Beyond the food freshness and eco-conscious features, Smelly Proof bags are BPA, latex and phthalate-free. They are 100% made in the USA with Polyethylene + Nylon. They come in all of the sizes you are used to with disposable bags, including an XL size.

To add, Smelly Proof Reusable Black Flat Bags are available for more than just food. These black bags have a triple track zipper for travel and even outdoor use. Like the clear bags, these tear and puncture-resistant. the black bags are even dishwasher and freezer safe.

Stop tossing plastic and meal prep, travel and store anything in Smelly Proof reusable bags. Visit Smelly Proof today and stock up for back to school.

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