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Shorten your cold and flu symptoms with Zicam Cold Remedy products

Shorten your cold and flu symptoms with Zicam

There is nothing worse than getting that initial scratchy throat and feeling the start of a cold or virus. You know what is coming – the aches, runny nose and then the cough that will keep you from decent sleep for a few days. The moment I feel a virus starting or if anyone in my house gets sick, I reach for preventative products.

I have come to rely on Zicam. During COVID and especially as COVID calmed down and I went back to work at the high school, I was prepared with all Zicam options I can find from Elderberry and nasal sprays. I began to recommend Zicam to everyone I know because I truly feel like it has helped shorten and calm symptoms as it says it does. I believe it as I have experienced it myself.

zicam nasal spray

Some of Zicam’s products to mention are

  • Zicam’s Cold Remedy Citrus Rapid Melts and Medicated Fruit Drops: homeopathic quick-dissolve tablets or soft chews, made with zinc, that actually shorten colds when taken at the first sign versus just temporarily relieving symptoms
  • Zicam’s Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs: contain a zinc-free homeopathic formula that is plant-based, cooling menthol and soothing eucalyptus
  • Zicam’s Cold Remedy Nasal Spray: zinc-free homeopathic formula provides multi-symptom cold relief and helps open and flush your nasal passages to relieve congestion
zicam rapidmelts

Zicam has all you need to be prepared at the first sign of illness in your home or symptoms you may feel. The sooner you begin using Zicam products, the more effective for you! Find these at your local retailers.

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