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Save on New Plaque Disclosing Tablets for Kids from Smile Brilliant

plaque disclosing tablets

The best teeth brushing tool for kids is now available from Smile Brilliant and I can save you on your order! These are the Plaque Highlighter chewable tablets for kids (an adult version is also available). They are for ages 5+ and even my teen became intrigued by using the tablets. You will be amazed at how unclean your teeth really can be even after you just brushed. I know it woke my son to the fact that he does not brush well enough.

Each box of plaque disclosing tablets for kids has 30 Berry Blast-flavored chewable tablets. They highlight plaque & tartar buildup with a temporary pink dye. This encourages kids to brush away all the color as fast as they can. It makes brushing habits stronger and more fun!

They chew one tablet, swish around the mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out. Do a quick water rinse and find the existing plaque under the pink dye! Now, they can work to brush and floss away for a cleaner mouth.

Smile Brilliant products are backed by decades of research and hygienists & dental professionals.

Enjoy 25% off any set of plaque highlighters with code usfg25 via this link!

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Dana Rodriguez

I remember trying these as a kid in school once. Great way to teach kids proper oral hygeine.