Replay your memories with a video book from Heirloom! 

Replay your memories with a video book from Heirloom! 

It is one thing to see photos of loved ones over special occasions – the Holiday cards, wedding announcements and new baby or home photos when you can’t be close. But, what elevates a good photo is voice and movement. Heirloom is you video book, like a photo book, but when you open it a screen plays videos and sound that was meant for you to watch.

You upload a video or create a file containing multiple videos or photos that will play as a slideshow and pick a cover! There are covers for all occasions. I chose the Wedding cover so I can document all the planning, meet ups and celebrations that will lead up to my little sisters wedding this June as her Maid of Honor. I have already captured dress try on day and will have meeting days, bridal showers and bachelorette party as well as getting ready. Then I can put them in order in a file and upload them into a book and gift this summer. I will make sure to share on my social media how it all turns out.

As a customer to start, with all of your photos/videos ready to go, head to Heirloom, upload, find a cover and send the book. A 10 minute playback is $49.99 and 20 minutes is an extra $20 ($69.99). The book ships free and it plays right away as the book is opened. You can add gift box options as well so it arrived in a very classy box and wrap. You can skip the gift wrap if sending to yourself to wrap and gift. This is such a great gift for family and friends who have to be away for holidays and special occasions. Start today at Heirloom.

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