NEW Sink Safe Knife Caddy – Review

I have partnered with Sink Safe for this feature

NEW Sink Safe Knife Caddy - Review

Let me share a not-so-funny, funny story! This past Christmas I was gifted a high quality knife set by my parents. When I got home Christmas evening and after unloading gifts from the car I began to open my knives so I can wash them. I have always bought cheap sets and never had razor sharp knives. When you remove a sharp knife from its packaging sleeve, it sort of narrows as you slide it off and then your fingers are suddenly under that sleeve and I sliced my pointer finger. Nothing major, but I had to stop the bleeding and grab a band-aid.

I then switched hands and not being a very great left-hander I did it again. I have 2 fingers that I soon realized I needed my butterfly band-aids for to get the minor cuts to close and stop bleeding. I decided perhaps it was a long day and I am tired and my husband is trying not to shoot puns and jokes and I grab the last chefs knife to move them back on the counter so I can wash them in the morning and….my ring finger caught the blade corner. Yes! 3 fingers were bandaged by the end of my clumsy knife moment! Enter Sink Safe….

Whether you are dealing with old or new knives or perhaps you are just clumsy like me, the Sink Safe knife caddy is your kitchen sink (and fingers) saver! Our home is brand new as of last August and this sink of our is already full of scratches from throwing knives and pans into the sink. The Sink Saver can help keep the knives tucked safely inside the injection-molded Santoprene sleeve.

The sleeve gives you an anti-slip surface with contoured top grip so you can store in or out of the sink tub and carry to the dishwasher or knife block safely. You can feel the quality and durability!

See how the knives are tucked safely inside? You don’t have to worry when sticking your hands blindly into the sudsy water, especially if the kids have dish duty. It has drain holes so you can even rince knives and utensils off through the sleeve before washing if you use the dishwasher.

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Jo-Ann Brightman

I think I could use a sink safe knife caddy too in order not to cut my fingers on sharp knives