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Lifevine Wine has Award-Winning Purity and Zero Sugar

Wine is a staple in most homes. About 25% of adults drink wine at least once a week. Did you know that your bottle of wine may contain up to 70 approved additives and your bottle likely does not provide serving facts and ingredients on the label? It doesn’t have to. Lifevine Wine is introducing transparency to wine and giving you these facts so you know exactly what you are consuming.

Choosing to add zero sugar and other unnecessary additives does not have to change taste or alcohol content. This wine tastes fantastic and is free of harmful toxins and pesticides. Several of their wines have even received the Clean Label Project Purity Award.

There are 6 wines to choose from and the Summer Bundle is a great deal of 4 wines and it ships free! I have served this wine at a dinner recently and it went over so well. To be able and share that there are no sugars or harmful additives made it a hit! Order your bottles of Lifevine Wine and enjoy wine while knowing exactly what you are consuming!

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