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Let’s Learn about Chemistry | STEM book for kids

Let's Learn about Chemistry | STEM book for kids

Learning science is so much more fun with books and games. This is Let’s Learn About Chemistry by Stephanie Ryan, PhD. It is a STEM book for kids loaded with chemistry basics to get them started on a science learning journey.

STEM book for kids

As you read through the pages there are different chemistry topics such as matter and periodic symbols taught through a game of “One of these things is not like the other”. It is hard to not stay engaged through the last page. It makes a great Easter Basket gift!

Stephanie Ryan has a strong background in chemistry and biology and enjoys applying her background to develop superior educational products. You can find, Let’s Learn About Chemistry at book stores such as Barnes & Noble and online such as Amazon.

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

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