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Krome Studio App Professionally Transforms Your Photos

I have access to Krome Studio for feature

Krome Studio App Professionally Transforms Your Photos

I can use a digital camera just fine, even on manual mode. However, when it comes to my phone camera I just don’t get quality pictures as hard as I try. When you find a moment to capture you don’t always have time or control over the current lighting or setting. The Krome Studio app will take those photos and transform them into masterpieces in a few ways.

Below is a photo I took real quick as we were heading out the door to Anthony’s first day of 5th grade. This year he graduates from elementary school and will be a middle schooler next year. When I saw an option to ask Krome Studio in my app to turn Anthony’s standard photo into their Back to School design it was done in an hour. The before and after is below…

Another photo I have is a keepsake that I could not control the Auditorium lighting when Anthony and I waited in line 2 hours so he can meet his favorite Author, R.L. Stein. The faces had shadows and the background was dull. My Krome Studio before and after shots are below and now I have a better option to frame for Anthony.

This was a lot of fun! I was browsing holiday effects within the app to use for our puppies photo. There are so many gallery choices from Superheroes, Holidays, Landscapes and more. Simply take a photo on your camera or library and upload it and try some gallery options out. Once you find the right background simply submit and you will get a notification when it is ready.

Krome Studio is free to download and you only pay per photo and the prices are great for an improved photo. If all you need to do is change lighting and exposure, it is so simple to ask for what you need. On the R.L. Stein photo above I tapped on their faces and chose ‘lighten’, then I tapped on the background and asked for change. So easy!

Start here –> Krome Studio on Apple Store and Google Play or use the Web App for all the photos on your desktop!

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