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Kahawa 1893 coffee beans are grown and harvested in Kenya

Kahawa 1893 coffee beans are grown and harvested in Kenya

Founded by a 3rd generation coffee farmer in Kenya, Kahawa 1893 is a delicious, rich coffee that has me ditching the need for using sugar creamers. The hardest part of switching into an intermittent fasting lifestyle was not putting creamer in my coffee. Black coffee is allowed while fasting, but only plain. It is important that I enjoy the flavor of the coffee because I have been learning to drink it creamer-free now. I need my coffee in the morning and these medium roast flavors from Kahawa are my morning must-have!

The Safari Blend is a chocolate-caramel flavor while Ethiopian is more of a berry-floral flavor. Kahawa means ‘coffee’ in Swahali. Kahawa 1893 coffee is available in whole beans, ground, and single-serve coffee packs. 100% of proceeds to go directly to the female coffee producers that Kahawa 1893 works with making it that much more appealing.

There are over 10 Kahawa 1893 coffee flavors in their shop and you can support female farmers and enjoy a delicious coffee with the freshest of beans by shopping online!

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