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Heraclea everyday olive oils for sizzling, searing and drizzling

Heraclea everyday olive oils for sizzling, searing and drizzling

Not all olive oils are the same. The quality makes all the difference in taste and the finish of the food. The fruity, peppery oils are for drizzling on salads and desserts. The delicate, aged oils are best for searing and cooking with. Heraclea will transform what you know olive oil is to be if you are used to standard grocery store bottles.

Their olives are grown in ways that promote soil health, passing on their full benefits to you. These benefits include antioxidant effects, healthy fats for heart health and a healthy dose of vitamin E. Heraclea is an award-winning oil that has combined ancient olive cultivation methods with modern and sustainable production techniques. You will taste the difference.

With Father’s Day and summer cookouts approaching, this olive oil is available in a gift box to make it a great gift for cooks and grillers. I have come to truly appreciate different quality oils as a griller and Heraclea is a new favorite for finishing and searing! Visit Heraclea to order your Father’s Day gift today!

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