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Healthy Energy Snacks from SimplyProtein

What do you want in your snack bar? 11 grams of protein or more
and 0-3 grams of sugar? That;’s what SimplyProtein offers in their snacks! SimplyProtein means simple ingredients and the amount of protein means it can be your healthy energy snacks to get you through your day.

You can find baked or crunchy bars in delicious flavors. They aren’t kidding about being packed with protein There are days I cannot finish a whole bar.

The lemon is my favorite flavor and it is a crispy bar flavor. 150 calories is a good snack size too and because of the simple ingredients you also get a good amount of fiber too.

For a crunchy, salty craving there are SimplyProtein Bites in Barbeque and Sea Salt/Cracked Pepper. 1 bag is plenty filling of a snack! My son loves them so they are great for between school and dinner sports practice snacks!

You can shop SimplyProtein snacks at or H-E-B, Shoprite, Bed Bath and Beyond and more stores near you as well as on Amazon. Also SimplyProtein is now available at Target locations nationwide!

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