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Get Massage Therapy at Home With The NEW Sunbeam Heated Massager

I have partnered with Sunbeam for this feature. All opinions are my own

I have had my share of lower back pain and nothing ruins your day or a nights sleep like the aching of a back. My Dad suffers tremendously and is thanfully, a candidate now for laser surgery to help resolve some lower spine issues but it has gotten so bad he has resorted to a cane for assistance. There is no magic cure-all for back pain. However, you can find relieve with massage and even heat treatments. If you cannot get medical coverage for massages then it adds up! Even if you do have coverage they only allow so many visits and then you also have to find one that accepts you plan.

With Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage there is a next best option. Not only do you get the benefit of shiatsu massage motion but you get fantastic heat coverage and it is clinically proven to relieve pain. The degree of relief may vary depending on the person and issues, but it will be relief of a sort no doubt.

Now that there is massage and heat therapy you can do at home, you only have 2 hands so how will this work? That is easy! There is a waist strap so it stays in place! Here are all of the features of the Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage

  • 3 heat settings (low to high)
  • 4 Shiatsu Massaging Nodes
  • Hands-free use, stays in place with waist strap
  • Fits up to 54-inch waist (sizes women’s small through men’s XXL)
  • Convenient, long cord – 12 ft.
  • Pocket for easy cord storage
  • 2-hour heat auto-off
  • 20-minute massage auto-off

How much is a massage visit? It is pricey! This runs you $89.99! that’s it. Buy it once and use it as often as you need! With Father’s Day and Mother’s Day approaching I can’t think of a better gift for a parent suffering with lower back pain. Can you? How does it fit and feel? I LOVE it. I am so anxious for my dad to give this a try. The remote works great and you get instant massage and heat is fast! There is a clear difference in hat levels so if you need it high, you get that safe high heat delivered on the spot. The worst part about it is turning it off. Sometimes I wear it for heat only, sometimes for massage only. I get that choice!  You ca find the Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage on the Sunbeam website or on Amazon too.

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[…] <<CLICK FOR MORE>> […]


The Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap is just awesome. I’m using this product from last year. It is the best for money.


Looks like the perfect gift for my father. He also suffers from lower back pain. I am convinced it is because the poor posture he has developed from having a office job for so many years.