Colsen eco-friendly fire pits for small and large spaces

Colsen eco-friendly fire pits for small and large spaces

As summer ends, we don’t have to put the fire pits away! In fact, the weather will get cooler and we will want the warmth of a fire. Colsen has indoor and outdoor fire pits that are large and even table top sizes so you can have a warm, clean-burning fire nearby at all times. You just need the right fire pit for your space and 70%+ isopropyl alcohol.

I have the Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pit. I can use my fire pit inside or outside. These fire pits are easy to use and safe as long as you keep it on a flat surface and light and extinguish correctly. My tabletop fire pit came with its own round extinguisher (you do not blow out these fires, so no mess).

I have used my table top fire pit in a few ways. I can just light at a side table and relax indoors. I can add it as outdoor table ambiance while my large fire pit is also burning nearby. I will use it inside during BBQ’s so the large fire pit can burn outside and the ambiance flows inside. This is great for small apartments or even larger spaces for added fire flair! Even on a stormy day outside, your fire can come inside, safely. Visit Colsen Fire Pit to find the fire pit that is right for you.

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