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Burlap & Barrel Spices are Sourced from small farms

I just spent the last 2 days marinating and smoking some pork. I don’t typically smoke pork carnitas, but I knew if I gave it a try I could enhance those spices with a little Hickory and then give it a quick sear for those crunchy bits. The key has to be in the quality of spices. To me, quality depends on where the spices are sourced and the ingredients used. Here is how I spiced my pork and it was a hit!

  • Kosher Salt
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Brown Sugar
  • B&B Smoked Pimenton Paprika
  • B&B Toasted Onion Powder
  • B&B Pure Stripe Garlic and 
  • B&B Black Lime and Chili salt
  • Oregano

You will notice, I am a bit partial to my B&B Spices and this is because these are all sourced directly from small farms. These spices are aromatic and the flavors are just amazing. In working with small farms around the world, B&B has access to unique spices you just cannot find anywhere else in a standard US shop. With spices that are single origin, you always know exactly where they are traced back to. 

Back to the pork – I used the Costco packs of Roast and so it was 4 smaller roasts I smoke at 225 for about 5-6 hours or until they hit 165 degrees. Then I place it in a foil pan, pour some avocado oil on and add about 2 Bay Leaves per 2 roasts, cover with foil and back on a 350 degree smoker for a few hours until it hits about 200 degrees. Mine stopped at 203 degrees. I rest 1 hour still covered and shred. Then I heat up a skillet and get those nice crunchy ends in batches using the reserved liquids from the foil pan. It heats up very well back in the pan especially if you save some of the original juices. If you have never smoked your prok for tacos before, you are missing out! 

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