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Ambiance Lighting with SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector – BlissLights

Dorm Room Fun with SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector - BlissLights

Last week I went to the door to grab my packages. As I opened one of the boxes and pulled out my SKYlite from Blisslights my 11 year old grabbed it to observe then got very excited, “I have always wanted lights like this for my game room! They make the room more fun…”. So he immediately adopted this little white box that makes his own personal galaxy appear on the walls and ceiling.

I thought of all the teens gathering items for their College dorms this fall and how fun would this ambiance lighting be in the room? The unit is small enough to not be intrusive in a small room and it is such a calming ambiance.

It appears as drifting green stars against a moving blue nebula. the titling design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. Easily adjust light settings and effects with simple button controls. 

BlissLights also have more indoor and outdoor lighting options to rally transform spaces you want to light up. From instant holiday decor to revolutionary landscape lighting to lively party atmosphere, BlissLights products are perfect for any occasion and lifestyle.

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