All-in-one Easy Sweep Broom from Kleensmart

All-in-one Easy Sweep Broom from Kleensmart

When I learned about this Easy Sweep broom from Kleensweep, the first thought that came to my mind was how I need this for the RV. With (included AA batteries), the broom doubles as a dustpan so it saves space and cleans messes.

I just sweep and angle the brush head to vacuum up the debris pile. It easily empties over a garbage can and eliminates the need for me to also store a dust pan. The red button activates the suction and it is pressed as you angle the end of the broom over debris.

The Easy Sweep makes a great broom for small spaces! No more bending down it eliminates the annoying line of fine dust that normal dustpans leave. Shop Kleensmart fore your Easy Sweep broom!

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