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Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners must be replaced when it’s no longer functioning. They are expensive to replace, though, so you only want to do it if it is necessary. You might be able to fix the problems that you are having instead of having to replace them.

If it turns out that you need to replace your air conditioning system, you need to talk to a professional. You could see about replacement services for AC Dayton, OH to see you could find a professional to replace your unit. There are many companies in Dayton that could help you. 

This article will give you some information about when you need to replace your AC. It will help you to learn more about your system. You can also do research to find more information. 

Things to Look for Before You Replace Your AC

  1. System Age – One of the considerations that you should think about is the age of your system. It is suggested that it be replaced every twenty years, except in warmer areas where it should be replaced after ten years. This is the top lifespan of your units, but you could replace it sooner. 
  1. Repair Costs – You need to think about how much the repairs will cost you. If the repairs are extensive and will be expensive, it might be time to replace your unit. If the repairs are not that expensive, it would be better for you to replace the parts and not the entire unit. 
  1. Have You Maintained it – If you have been doing regular recommended maintenance on your unit and it is still newer, you could probably get by with replacing parts. If you are doing the maintenance as scheduled, you will notice the small problems before they become big ones: https://www.hgtv.com/how-to/home-improvement/easy-steps-to-keep-your-air-conditioning-unit-running-smoothly. You can fix the issues when they are still small. 
  1. Is it Efficient – You want your unit to be as efficient as possible, or you will want to replace it. It should have a SEER unit of at least 14. It could be higher and give you even more efficiency. 
  1. Use of Freon – Freon, also known as refrigerant R22 or HCFC-22, has been phasing out since 2020. If your air conditioner was manufactured before that, you probably still have freon and need to change to a newer unit. In the US, air conditioners use something called Puron, or R410A because it is better for the environment. 
  1. Matching System Parts – Usually when you buy a home, the air conditioner is already in it. Sometimes, the different parts of your AC don’t match because people have replaced parts of it throughout the years. If this is the case, you should replace your AC.
  1. Your Needs for Comfort – You also need to decide how satisfied with your system. If you have had issues with it before this repair came up, it might be time to get a newer one. If you have been satisfied and there have been very few issues with it, do the repairs instead. 
  1. Tech that is Advanced – There has been new technology in the last ten years when it comes to air conditioners. You can have things such as variable speed, smart thermostats, two-stage technology, communicating systems, and interactive control. See here to learn more about this technology. If your current AC doesn’t have this new technology, a new one may be necessary – especially if you want these new features. 
  1. Are There Rebates or Other Incentives – If your AC needs extensive repairs and you are leaning towards getting another, investigate the incentives and rebates that are out there. Check your local AC companies to see what they have to offer. This will help with the cost of purchasing a new unit, if that is the way you want to go.  
  1. Lifespan of Your Home – Another thing that you need to consider is the lifespan of your home. If you are going to be living in your home for a long time, replacing your unit is a good idea. If are only going to stay there for a short time, or if your home is in great disrepair, you should just replace the parts. 


There are many considerations that you need to think about before you replace your air conditioner. You want to think about the cost of the repairs versus the cost of replacement. You also want to think about the age of your current system.

Other things to consider are whether your AC is still using freon, energy efficiency and SEER rating, if your systems match, and if you want advanced technology. Other things could be the age and repair of your home and if you can find incentives and rebates. These are all considerations that you need to think about before you replace your unit. 

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