Add the benefits of moisture in your day with Hey Dewy

Add the benefits of moisture in your day with Hey Dewy

Who would have thought a little water can have so many benefits outside the body? Hey Dewy takes some water and releases it into the atmosphere around you so you can capture the benefits of moisture at the office, during sleep and even when traveling. Whether you have dry air where you are or need sinus relief, this Hey Dewy wireless humidifier comes in beautiful colors to choose from to match your space.

Living in the Pacific Northwest you would think everything, including the air around us is wet. There is a lot of wet in the forecasts, but dryness in the air and indoor spaces. My skin is dry more than not and during fall and spring, our allergies are at their worst. Adding moisture in the air around me makes a huge difference in my skin and sinuses.

Run Hey Dewy at night with its 8-hour run time to sleep near the moisture benefits all night. When you wake up, refill and relax with your face over Hey Dewy for an updated beauty routine. Freshly moist skin is like a natural primer before adding makeup to your face. Then move Hey Dewy to the office so you combat the dry room air while you work. You can do the same in the car during your commute. Before bed, do another Hey Dewy moisture routine to add moisture back onto your face and neck after a long day. You can even pack Hey Dewy with you as you travel – we all know the air in hotels is not moist and healthy.

Choose from one of 5 Hey Dewy colors and start hydrating your skin and sinuses this season. Visit the Hey Dewy online shop or order today on Amazon.

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