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ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow and Arrow Set #GoPlayOutside

I was sent ZingSportz products for feature #GoPlayOutside

ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow and arrow #GoPlayOutside

When we moved into this new neighborhood of ours last summer I had no idea how much it would grow so fast and everyone moving in had boys about my son’s age. There is a large group of boys ages 9-12 within blocks of each other. That is fantastic because it is easy to get my son outside playing as opposed to inside playing video games. However, it is not uncommon for me to hear massive commotion upstairs to realize that somehow half a dozen boys ended up in my home and are using every room upstairs as dart hideouts. I shove them outside where they should be as we live across from a huge neighborhood park field.

Darts and soft guns are a hit with this age and no doubt the ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow is exciting these boys right now. What’s great is it sells for only about $19.99 at Walmart so as boys ask me where I got these they get excited to know the store down the highway has them. So far no patent has thanked me for sending their boys home with a Walmart wishlist-lol!

About the ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow and Arrow set

  • Foam suction-cup arrows soar over 100 feet
  • High-strength bungee cords for control
  • Zonic Whistle Arrows
  • Power grip hold
  • More colors available

For more information on Zing Toys, visit their website. To order your ZingSortz Air Storm ZTek Bow, visit Walmart or

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