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ZingAnything Citrus Zinger Infusion Set

I was sent samples for feature
Infusion Set

The original Citrus Zinger from ZingAnything just became a bundle and now you can twist and slice your fruit as you go for naturally flavored water. My son’s favorite water flavor is when I add sliced cucumbers. In the summer I even add sliced watermelon to water and it is so refreshing. Now I have the Citrus Zinger Infusion Set and I can just grab my fruit and bottle and have water that is so delicious and much healthier too.

Simply twist on or add fruit, tighten the bottom lid, flip over and fill with water! You can leave the flavor choice in the bottom until you get the flavor intensity you want then toss it out and continue to drink that water. No more wasted plastic bottles of flavored water and many of those water flavor squeeze varieties you squirt have aspartame and other unhealthy sweeteners in them! Really! Look at the labels the next time you see them! No learning to scan a label to know the ingredients. The ingredients are what you add naturally from the produce section!

Adding citrus of any type is very easy and with the Citrus Zinger Infusion Set you get a press for citrus, slicer for cucumber and a reamer for kiwi.
With the green citrus press you twist and press oranges, lemon, limes into your water for added benefit and flavor. The yellow reamer allows you to release kiwi juices, pulp and seeds while keeping skin intact for an easy tropical flavored water.
My son’s favorite; the cucumber slicer allows you to add a ribbon of fresh cucumber flavor to your water.

The Citrus Zinger Infusion Set is available online and at retailers nationwide for an SRP of $19.99. Visit to learn more. 

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