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Zigglebee Childrens Book allows your child to illustrate the stories

Zigglebee Childrens Book allows your child to illustrate the story

Written by Lana Bailey, age 7, during COVID this book allows your child to illustrate the stories. Lana’s twin sister, Laila, lives with a disability that makes communication hard between them. Lana discovered that she can actually communicate with her sister through stories and pictures. This is why she published Zigglebee. She added the words, your child illustrates the pages. The identities of the characters in each story are just as your child imagines them to be.

There are 5 stories:

  • Story 1: A Visit from the Tooth Fairy
  • Story 2: My Teddy Bear is Alive
  • Story 3: When the Tornado Came
  • Story 4: My Teacher’s New Sports Car
  • Story 5: My First Banana Split Sundae

To learn more about the great cause behind Laila’s Gift visit Art has always been a universal way to communicate and exercise creative thinking. Tools like books can help the imagination and the blank pages in this book, allow your children to connect, and communicate through art. For each book purchased, proceeds will go towards Jacobsen Syndrome research. This book is available on Amazon.

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