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Zendoway Cubes: Relaxation and Stress Management Tools

These 14 soft and colorful cubes provide simple suggestions for kids and adults to nourish the mind and body throughout the day.   They also squeeze for stress management and release! 

Zendoway Cubes: Relaxation and Stress Management Tools

The themes of these cubes include:

  • Happy (Gold Cube)
  • Gratitude (Orange Cube)
  • Positivity (Light Blue Cube)
  • Affirmations (Red Cube)
  • Breathing (Blue Cube)
  • Coping Strategies (Purple Cube)
  • Feelings (White/Blue Cube)
  • Nourishment (Yellow Cube)
  • Play (Earth Pattern)
  • Principles (Green Cube)
  • Questions (Black Cube)
  • Yoga Poses White/Orange Cube)
  • Chakra (Multi-Color Cube)
  • Stressed Out (Light Green Cube)

These make excellent Teacher and Counselor gifts for your child’s school. Sometimes kids just need simple release. Like adults, kids can benefit from calm activities that just help them refocus and reorganize their thoughts.

With my son I always keep that in mind. At 10 years old he is very well adjusted and is an excellent friend and student. We always read before bed every night since he was an infant. He goes in and out of phases being an independent reader, but I mainly have kept reading before bed as a traditional me-time and a way to de-escalate at night.

I also give him days off! For sports season and school he gets a certain number of free passes ( 1 per semester at school and 1 per sport season). His free pass can be used at anytime he wants which means he gets to wake up and for no real reason say “not today”. He does not abuse it and has learned through the years to SAVE his free days when he looks ahead and realizes an event may happen where he wants or needs that day. Why? Because sometimes we just need to self care and to call in a day but not in ways that it becomes bad habits. I gave them to his step brothers when they were younger too and they remember it. Both older boys are excellent employees today and this ‘time off’ did not create bad habits for them but they learned to ‘slow down’ and ‘take a day’.

These Zendoway Cubes are excellent tools and every home and classroom should give them a try.

Comment: I was sent sets of the Cubes for feature. All opinions are my own

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