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Yummy Combs Honeycomb Shape Flossing Treats for Dogs

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

Yummy Combs Honeycomb Shape Flossing Treats for Dogs

How genius are these flossing treats for dogs? We have 3 dogs in our home and the breath is horrible at times. I worry about some dental treats because my dogs attempt to swallow things whole and if they are not easily digestible we have problems (it’s why they aren’t allowed stuffed toys anymore – a toy duck cost us a lot of money when one of them swallowed his insides).

In looking at the ingredients of the Yummy Combs I realized they should digest well and the dogs love them! If you head over to my Instagram you can see Maya dance for one.

Why is it a honeycomb shape?

  1. The width: prevents dogs from gulping it down in one bite and encourages them to chew longer.
  2. The hardness: helps scrape and clean your dog’s teeth. The treat completely surrounds his or her teeth for a deeper, more complete clean.
  3. The thin-walled shape: hastens solubility and speeds digestion plus preserves volatile ingredients.

They are individually wrapped for freshness and are 44% protein treats. The Yummy Combs are made with quality ingredients and vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They are a SUPERcopia™ of 12 wellness supplements. Find Yummy Combs near you at!

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