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Your laundry dries faster with Suavitel fabric softener #FastDrySaveTime

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What is the most daunting task for you in your home? Is it the kitchen or perhaps the bathrooms. With a house full of boys and a working husband, our laundry never stops! In my home, laundry is the most time consuming and never-ending task. We have an HE washer and dryer as I need units that are as efficient as possible. I have a 4-compartment laundry sorter so I can sort lights from darks and 2 baskets for the hot water load that is the biggest pile at all times with socks, underwear and towels. I run a minimum of 1-2 loads a day just to keep the pile from becoming too large and overwhelming. If only there was a product to speed up the process! Wait! Suavitel Fast Dry fabric softener does dry my clothes faster! I’m not kidding!
Suavitel dries clothes 30% faster with its fast dry technology that wicks moisture away from fabrics. Adding it to the last cycle of your wash allows your clothes the water wicking abilities once in the dryer. This fabric conditioner leaves your clothes soft and the fragrances leaves a very pleasant scent. Suavitel Fast Dry varieties come in two scents: Fabulous Field Flowers and Magical Morning Sun. 
At Walmart, you can find the Suavitel Fast Dry variety in the fabric softener section-just look for the bright pink bottles. Walmart has all you need to make your laundry time as fulfilling as possible and when you have a product like Suavitel that saves time by drying those clothes faster, then we can be rewarded with more ME time. What is ME time? It is that time we had to ourselves before the kids came, remember? Getting laundry done faster means I get to clean a room sooner and perhaps actually sit in it, watch some HGTV and know that at least until the bus pulls up, this family room I cleaned can actually stay clean for some time. Therefore, my ME time is HGTV in a clean room that momentarily stays clean and I wouldn’t ask for anything else!
Your ME time will cost you under $8 at Walmart for a large 135oz Suavitel bottle which is about 82 small loads. You can sit back, relax with your free time the way you wish and know you saved on dryer time making a difference in your household energy footprint. 
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