Working with Parenting Healthy – Media Kit

2023 has some great predictions for brands and Influencer relationships. You can read some statistics HERE (from eAccountable). Kristen Matthews recently surveyed successful Bloggers (including myself) and the results are in this article.

We know that Ambassador relationships, or long term campaigns, are gaining popularity and so are more videos. Video is something I will begin to add more of. To start I plan on a weekly “Product of the week” that I choose to feature on video.

Let’s get to work! Here is our Media Kit of the ways Parenting Healthy can help promote your brand, product and services:

Product Reviews

Parenting Healthy’s BEST FEATURE. This is what we are all about. Bringing products to the lime light that can help families save time and raise happy, healthy and active families. We don’t just ‘review’ your product. NO! We tell stories, offer tips and write a feature that is engaging and helps the reader really find a way to relate to the product. All blog features are also shared once on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and sometimes Instagram.

The boring rules: At Parenting Healthy (and as you learned a bit in the above article I linked to), a lot of time and work goes into a feature. Therefor, we ask for a product value of $50+ this can be multiple products, product plus credit/payment, same product. Want a feature of your brand (no product sent for review)? Happy to do extra research and create an engaging post and social shares – Fee: $200

See example posts (top performing sponsored posts for 2023):

  1. Shorten your cold and flu symptoms with Zicam Cold Remedy products
  2. Remedium Candles are hand-poured and derived from nature
  3. For All Moms (FAM) Gifting Advisor text service with Zulily and Busy Philips
Working with Parenting Healthy in 2021 - Media Kit

Social Media Blasts

Perhaps you don’t need a full blog post. Perhaps you only want a social blast. What is a social blast? I create engaging posts for any social platform you desire (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) or a combination. You give me the message topic, dates to post near and links, hashtags you want used and I get to work creating blasts set to times my audience is active. I can use your images or create my own.

See an example of one of my highest reached posts from 2020 (it didn’t even get a ton of likes but the reach was huge:

Ambassador Campaigns

This is the most popular because you get it all and it lasts all year long! I will be YOUR Ambassador. Parenting Healthy will give you 1 blog feature, multiple social shares each month. I can use your photos, create my own. I can discuss any topic or one you choose. We communicate, maps out details and go to work for you. One NEW thing for 2020 is that all brands I become an Ambassador to will get a button/link on my site that stays up the duration of the program as well as a button on every newsletter I send out.

The boring rules: I do not have a price for you. Sorry! There is so much we can do and every Ambassador program is unique. You may or may not keep sending product or send a lot at once. You may or may not want extra social shares or a video feature from time to time. Average for Parenting Healthy is 3 months at rates that range from $400-$600. However, I discount for longer, if product also sent, etc.. so please ask!


We BOTH benefit from giveaways! They always offer the best exposure. I belong to several sweep groups and giveaway blog groups so these are heavily shared. Giveaways are incorporated into your blog feature post, so they learn all about your brand and then can enter to win. I also get heavy traffic when I enter these links into giveaway sites so it helps me too!

The boring rules: I know I made sure to let you know these help both of us, so why rules? I do pay for some great services that really get this out in view on giveaway sites as well as the widgets I use to get entries that are not bots or are verified. This makes it a fair contest. If you ONLY want a giveaway there are 2 options: send product or pay a fee. If you want it included with a product review feature, we’ll work some minor details out. For all giveaways, I avoid double shipping so I will send you the winner info to send out prize after the giveaway ends.

See an example for a giveaway post:

L.O.L. Surprise Review & Giveaway

Gift Guides

My personal favorite! We are not only about December Holidays! We love to celebrate whenever we can all year long! Here are all of the guides all year:

  • Living Cleaner (food, home supplies, beauty, books, wellbeing) January – March 2021
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Jan-Feb
  • For the Love of Pets Series March
  • Spring Cleaning (home clean, decor, garden) March
  • Let’s Get Away (Travel series: packing, destinations, supplies) May
  • Father’s Day Gift Guide May-June
  • All Things Summer June-July
  • Back to School July-Sept
  • Fall-ing For Baby September
  • Fall Talk/Halloween October
  • Holiday Gift Guide November-December

The boring rules: This works pretty much the same as product reviews. If your product post date falls when one of these guides are running you are automatically a part of that series. I do keep master pages for each Guide and if you would like a simple placement in that guide with a link back to your brand/product we can do that for a smaller value/fee.

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