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iHealth View Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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iHealth View Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Do you still walk into the drug store to the back wall and use their blood pressure unit? I imagine if you have to keep track of your blood pressure you do what you have to do. I worked in Cardiology for years and it was not uncommon for walk-ins so we can do a BP reading on patients. I always thought what a hassle it was to take that drive, but I imagined blood pressure units for the home that are reliable and accurate cost a fortune. My own father stopped by our local drugstore for years 2 times a week to check his until this past Christmas when I gifted him an iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor.
I chose to gift my Dad an iHealth monitor over any other units I have experienced for 2 reasons-the affordability and the easy-to-use app that safely stores his data on a HIPPA-secure cloud so he can collect data and even share with his Doctor or take the entire trend to his appointments. It truly makes a Doctors job so much more efficient to have this sort of FDA-approved, accurate data that iHealth provides. Now they have a newer and even more convenient blood pressure monitor I had the pleasure of testing.
The iHealth View Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (BPS7), is so simple to use. The entire contents consist of the unit, instruction booklet and quick guide, charging cord and unit holding case. That’s it! It even delays in reading your blood pressure until the little green alert on the band indicated you are positioned just right. I put the wrist monitor around my wrist centered where it shows and get my wrist to heart-level. If my arm is too high or too low, the green arrows will light up to guide my arm to the best position with the monitor. I simply hit the orange start/stop button and it reads my Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.
Connecting the monitor to bluetooth from the phone or tablet’s free iHealth app is as simple as opening the app, creating a quick log in for yourself, connecting bluetooth and hitting the large blue sync button. Results from your reading are immediately loaded into the app graph and stored. It will even tell you what range you fall for your BP reading so you know when you may need to call in to your Doctor and advise of a high reading.
Compatibility: iOS 7+ and Android 4.0+ compatible-iPhone 5+, iPod touch 5+, iPad 3+, iPad Mini+ and iPad Air+. Last, you can connect other devices in your iHealth like activity tracker, pulse and body analysis data so all of your health data is one place. It is so simple to use! The entire unit is only about $79.99 and that is very affordable compared to other units I have seen that do less and are just as accurate. You can find the new iHealth View at, and
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