Winter is coming and Heat Holders has the warmth you’ll need

Winter is coming and Heat Holders has the warmth you'll need

“Winter is coming!” I couldn’t help myself with that familiar quote, but it is a true statement. Here in the Pacific Northwest this means very cold temperatures and snow that causes havoc in our state of mountains and neighborhood hills. We are used to winter driving and preparation around here. When you head out on cold, stormy days you need to be prepared. For any reason you may need to exit your car, having the right gloves and gear is a must to protect your skin and comfort levels!

I always have Heat Holders products ready to go. Whether I am packing my car to be prepared or heading to outdoor games for my son, these are life savers. I get cold urticaria so cold temps cause me serious discomfort from itchy welts that form on any unprotected skin of mine.

The magic is in Heat Holders thermal yarn – Japanese-designed, cashmere-like acrylic yarn provides high-performance insulation with advanced moisture management. Moisture stays away from your skin as the fabric insulates it from the temperature because of the extra-long looped cushion pile as it is made. What started out as a mission to make the warmest sock on the market, Heat Holders also makes hats, gloved, blankets, neck warmers, thermals and more for kids, men and women.

Heat Holders are great Holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Visit Heat Holders website to learn more. You can also shop on Amazon.

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