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Wings Over Washington New Attraction

     wings over washington

Late last week my son and I attended a pre-showing of the new Seattle ride attraction, Wings Over Washington. It is located on Miners Landing just below the Great Wheel. We navigated through the waterfront and made our way to the heart of the Alaskan Way entertainment and shops.


The entire experience is about 20 minutes in a series of 3 stages. The first part was a bit of a holding room. It was full of maps and scenery that would make you feel like your are about to hike through the woods. A huge 3D sculptured map hangs on the wall labeled with the major Wa. cities.


The second stage was a presentation. We were in a room with benches and murals, animal totem heads and pictures that move and are animated. The Buck in the photo blows smoke and blinks his eyes. You would think you are sitting in their territory, being watched by the wildlife and listening to their sounds.


Suddenly the murals open up to a Guide who is not really there appears. He is not live but a bit of a show, walking between posts as if he is really in front of you. He talks about the animals common to the state and bit on Native American culture.


Off to the ride. We walk through doors behind us, through a layer of fog where it smells like pine trees. Make sure you buckle up and stow away purses. You will not want anything loose. The lights fade, the floor drops down and you are taken towards the large screen to soar over the state with the Eagles. I did not time the ride, but it was maybe 5 minutes in length. It was such a fun ride. We had water in our face as we flew over waterfalls (it was just a very light mist-you do not get wet on the ride). We flew with the Blue Angels and watch out! They get very close to you! When it was all done my son blurts out “That’s it? I want it to go longer!” It was that much fun.


We walked out and through a small gift shop where I bought him a small stuffed Eagle he wanted to remember his trip to Seattle and as one of the first to experience the new ride. Make sure you visit to find the hours and more details.

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