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Why You Should Stop Buying Expensive Branded Toys For Kids

Why You Should Stop Buying Expensive Branded Toys For Kids
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Imagine walking down the aisle of your favorite “go-to-mall”, got your eyes fixed on the Toy Store you love with your jaw-dropping on the floor over the prices you see and probably, wanting to buy these expensive toys for kids! Especially, having a partner who loves collecting toys, it is fun to plan toys that they think the future kids would love. But, on the other hand, it is impractical, non-psychological and not creative.

On a daily basis, there are a lot of necessities added to live happily and well-balanced. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: physical survival needs, physical safety needs, love and belonging needs, self-esteem and self-fulfilled are the five Fundamental things a person needs to have. Shelter and healthy food are some of the things that are needed to secure a lot of money.

Would you buy expensive toys for your little ones and give them fast food? Of course not! It would be impractical to think of buying expensive toys where you can help them be imaginative and creative at the same time. Since these shiny plastic toys for kids and battery devices can kill our children’s imagination, try giving the practical play they need. It might sound thrifty, but it will help the kids build their creativity, social skills, and intelligence quotient.

You may try to give them alternatives, such as art supplies, building blocks, and musical instruments. Some parents think toys are needed to help children focus on something so parents can do other things while pampering them. 

When saying “toys,” people eventually think about cars, dolls, action figures, and so on… But art supplies, books, building blocks, and musical instruments are also part of the toys. Help them be imaginative using art supplies and books. Meanwhile, building blocks help children develop their vocabularies, improve math skills, and even teach them about gravity, balance, and geometry. Furthermore, musical instruments will help them create and explore ideas since it creates pathways in their brain.

Physical interaction with your children will build their character and attitude instead of the toys just on their hands. They will further develop their intrapersonal skills since they will see their parents as their role models and partners. Moreover, playing with children will create a strong bond between parent and child. The intimacy between will be the foundation of their relationship. It can build a child full of love, respect, and satisfaction, which if this is founded strongly then, the child will not look satisfaction and acceptance to anything or on their surroundings.

Thus, the toys will not be a hindrance to their attention for them to listen to parents because of that strong connection. To wrap this up, expensive toys or toys may help your child enjoy but, giving them real joy and satisfaction through you by playing with them will have a significant impact on them. It will help you create a child with a strong personality. 

Furthermore, it will not give you any headache since toys can be a part of the expenses that aren’t necessary to buy. Let the child know that having toys for kids are not as important as the things they need to survive, such as food and shelter. Lastly, those suggested practical toys mention will develop the brain of the child to bring the innate intelligence they have.

As for gift giving, especially in special occasions, your kids may learn about customizable gifts as they grow up. They can create their own or ask an artisan to build it for them. An example of this would be bobbleheads that look like you. These figures can be expensive depending on the manufacturer, but if you taught them how to distinguish legitimate sellers and products that offer great value for money, they should be fine.

Those things have the best effect on children than those expensive toys. Unless, you want to your money be on a garbage bag because of buying expensive toys for kids that will, later, be damaged? If I could choose, I would choose the practical one.

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