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Why Now is a Good Time to Refinance Your Home

Why Now is a Good Time to Refinance Your Home

There have been many hardships that have come with COVID, the shut down of businesses and job loss as well as many with new healthcare bills.

If you are an optimist and like to find silver linings in all that is evil, you know there is a huge benefit COVID has had on interest rates and they are still hovering at near record lows. Chances are numerous lenders or your own mortgage company may have contacted you by now to help you understand what these times can mean for you as a homeowner.

We just refinanced ourselves to take advantage of these rates. Why wouldn’t we? There are a few reasons why you may want to take advantage of low interest rates today, more than ever. It may never be this low again for a long time, so consider refinancing for these common reasons I will discuss below.

Refinance to pay your home off faster

If you have a tad bit of room in your monthly budget, this may be the reason you want to refinance your home. Anytime you want to move from a 30, 20 or possibly even a 15-year to a lower term it will cost you a bit more a month.

For obvious reasons, to pay your home off faster you have to pay more per month. The idea of being mortgage free in 15 years rather than 30 sounds magical. When interest rates are low, this means more money out per month but not as much out as the when rates are higher. So, if you want to put out the lowest possible increase for a faster payoff you have to make the move when the rates are what they are today.

There is always a cost to refinance so you also need to consider that fee, but with rates as low as they are the refinance calculations may still be in your favor. The interest savings over the life of your loan would certainly outweigh the initial costs saving potentially thousands of dollars in the end.

Refinance to save money each month

If you are in need of extra money each month, stretching out your term can be an option. You will have to weigh the cost of refinancing (fee) and how much it saves you each month. This might be the last resort for refinancing but many times home owners can choose this option when they need that extra monthly cash to tackle other debt quicker or save for a big event.

Refinancing your home could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a month depending on the interest rate you land. You may want to refinance to stretch your term if it means a higher rate than what you already have. Using some stimulus money to pay fees, getting a lower rate may be worth considering.

Refinance to cash out equity for debt or home repairs

You may be holding onto equity to use towards the purchase of a new home. However, if you need this cash now for a major home repair or a remodel, which in turn could improve the value of your home, then refinancing to take that equity out may work out for you.

Again, weigh the refinance fee with the new interest rate and any monthly payment changes to see if this will truly benefit your goal you have with this extra cash. A good rule is if you are using your equity in a way that will help you meet your credit goals or improve the value of your home down the road it is not always such a bad decision to use that equity.

We own our home now and have owned and rented in the past. Anytime rates drastically fall like this is the time to get out your finance calculators, call your trusted finance contacts and see what options are available to you. With stimulus checks in hand, this might be a great time to put that into a positive refinance situation for your household with rates as low as they are right now. They won’t stay this low for long.

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