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What is Fortnite? This is for the Parents of Gamers

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What is Fortnite? This is for the Parents of Gamers

How has summer been going? Have you heard the word ‘Fortnite’ a thousand times yet? Recently I caught myself listening to a YouTube gamer Anthony likes, Preston Plays (TBNR frags). I see that in one of his videos he had his Mom learning about the game and it gave Anthony the idea of creating a video any Mom can watch and help answer your burning question, What is Fortnite?

Here is the video below. I recently did a post on our Fortnite birthday party, so stop over for some party ideas after you watch his video.

On the video, feel free to comment or ask questions and Anthony will answer them for you.

Watch: What is Fortnite?

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Fortnite seems to be all my kids talk about! I watched the video by Preston Plays that you mentioned and it really helped me understand why they’re so hooked. It’s clever how the game blends strategy with fast-paced action. For other parents trying to catch up, this video is a great start. Also, if you’re into gaming or looking for a fun, mythical-themed game, try playing Gates of Olympus at It’s quite engaging and a nice way to connect with the gaming world your kids are part of!

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