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Welly premium bandages and first aid tools

Welly premium bandages and first aid tools

As we have raised our boys, we have been through the evolution of bandaid designs and styles. One of our boys could walk around with blood oozing and not be bothered or even cover it up. Our youngest will see a small scratch and want creams and bandages to cover his “bad wound”. Whether it was a bandaid for a real cut or bandaid for comfort, the flexible bandages with fun designs were always the hit!

flexible bandaids

Welly not only has assorted flexible bandages in pretty colors and designs, but you can also get other first aid tools in colorful tins for better storage. No more squished boxes with bandaids spilling out! I love this purple leaf design (much better than sporting a Transformer on my finger at age 42)!

first aid tools

The Welly first aid bins are stackable and available in all the sets you need to finally revamp that first aid cabinet in your home, office or RV. I have some tins of items in my home and others in the RV for camping. They fit on narrow shelves and stack well.

welly first aid

Some of the tins have all you needs for cut or blisters and even larger wounds with scissors and gauze packs. Find all the available sets at

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