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Create a Relaxed, Welcoming Atmosphere with Antique Bulbs

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Create a Relaxed, Welcoming Atmosphere with Antique Bulbs

Are you enjoying the dark at 5pm season? I cannot stand the early darkness, it is so hard to adjust my body time clock when lighting fades so early. With the Holidays coming we are planning on dinners and entertaining events and we want everyone to stay and visit as well as feel energized in our homes. I am using 1000Bulbs.com to change some spaces in my home and create a new lighting experience.

I have the 14ft Patio Light Stringer from 1000bulbs.com and am using it in my office for now. There are 10 sockets on this set and it comes with 10 Incandescent A19 Vintage Bulbs that create a fun amber-lighting space. I like tis lighting in my office when I have my desk lamp and computer on and just need to start weening myself out of there for the day. Plus, I love the antique lighting look with office decor.

Hanging the lights is so easy as they built-in loops are easily hung onto nails or hooks. It takes just a moment to move the entire string from my office to my patio when we have guests over and the lighting in the yard is soft yet bright when the nights go dark before we are done visiting.

There is so much to browse over at 1000bulbs.com including all the lighting you need for Christmas. From LE and standard bulbs to fixtures and outdoor effects, you will start wanting to change the lighting all over your home-inside and outside!

Visit 1000bulbs.com to see all the current offers.


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