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Weight Loss Book Review: Dumbbell Workout Handbook

Weight Loss Book Review: Dumbbell Workout Handbook

Weight Loss Book Review: Dumbbell Workout Handbook

With recent trips to Las Vegas and New York City we did a lot of walking. We eat a lot but then we far exceed 10,000 steps well before dinner walking the streets. I always come home motivated to walk more, but never actually act on that motivation until our recent trip. I envied the runners who get to wake up and jog a scenery like Central Park and then I think of our little town here in Washington State that is wrapped up inside a trail near the 2 rivers. I have scenery and a live trail, all I need is to act on that motivation.

Every other day I (speed) walk route that is 2.38 miles roundtrip with our dog. She is young and active and these walks are good for her too. I have never been big on cardio workouts at home, I have tried them but they leave me exhausted and sore and the thought of doing it all over again is actually dreadful. If I do any workout at home it is strength training because I actually feel accomplished and as long as I stretch too I don’t suffer so bad the next day.

On the days between my walks I am using my Dumbbell Workout Handbook to burn calories in the way I prefer. It is written and organized by Michael Volkmar, MS, CSCS, PES, CPT, who received his master’s degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Exercise, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior from George Washington University (GWU).

The weight loss book starts with some dumbbell basics and knowledge and then starts into a warm up chapter. It is then followed by the following fat burning sets

  • Full body burner
  • Upper and lower body spilt
  • Density training
  • Strength/Cardio
  • Hybrid super sets
  • Tabata circuits
  • Strength cardio finishers
  • core stability and strength

You can get your fat burning dumbbell workout handbook from Amazon, published by Hatherleigh Press.

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