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Wander Puzzle is making connections with women through their designs

Comment: I was sent a Wander puzzle. Thank you to Wander Puzzle for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

Wander Puzzle is making connections with women through their designs

In today’s world we lack real connections. We yearn for chances to connect, communicate and uplift our moods. There is nothing more uplifting and fulfilling like completing a puzzle and when the design of that puzzle supports women and International female artists that adds an extra special element to a favorite past time.

Wander Puzzle Co. is a new puzzle company dedicated to inspiring women and supporting female artists through multicultural puzzles that promote a sense of space, comfort, and confidence.

Roadtrip puzzle

My Wander puzzle is called Roadtrip. With the virus travel plans were cancelled for spring and summer but we did take our son on an RV coastal road trip and every detail in this artwork is so fun and inspiring. Don’t you just want to grab some good music and a girlfriend and hit the road as you stare at this design? I like to start my puzzles looking for the 4 corners first!

500mpiece puzzle

They are beautifully designed by female artists. During the time of COVID-19, Wander Puzzle Co. chose to give back to support women’s issues as household quarantine sets the stage for many women to be stuck with their abusers under extreme measures of uncertainty and stress. These factors exacerbate gender-based violence. Additionally, they gave back to Feeding America as well as African Social Enterprises. A cause dear to me.

making connections

There are 4 designs and each are 500 pieces. Three for Tea, The Movement, Just Chillin’, and Road Trip are available at They will soon be adding 2 new designs including a 1,000-piece puzzle for the best challenge. Head over and see these amazing designs! Send one off with your student as they leave for school, what a fun project as they connect with their new roomate!

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