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Wall Art for Kids Spaces from Home Room / 325

Wall Art for Kids Spaces from Home Room / 325

When it comes to learning at home, some of the tools we use are books, posters and art supplies. We use these tools because learning happens in many different ways and not all kids are the same in how they retain information. Using visual tools like flashcards and posters are one to of the best learning tools we can provide at home and in the classroom. Home Room / 325 has visual resources that you simply hang on your wall.

From human anatomy to numbers and colors you can find modern wall art with simple images. Whether it is learning to count or supporting a love of dinosaurs or astronomy, the prints are so engaging. I loved the Life Lessons quotes and have the print, ‘Feel the Ground. You are supported’ which is great for my office at the high school.

It is printed on responsibly-sourced materials  in a sustainable green printing facility in the US. They even have tutorials on hanging guides, but they are simple to hang standard ways. Every purchase supports the Children’s Hunger Fund, ensuring every school child has access to food. These make great gifts and decor to match any space. Visit Home Room / 325 to shop now. 

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