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VitaSea Mineral-based Suncare Products

VitaSea Mineral-based Suncare Products

When it comes to sunscreen, perhaps running to the nearest retailer and looking for a bottle of a high SPF that’s a decent price has been your go-to strategy on deciding what to buy. I can’t remember the last time I shopped for sunscreen like this. Many sunscreens actually have harsh chemicals and not just harsh on your skin, especially after a day in the sun, but harsh on the environment as well. Brands like VitaSea are what I seek out and they really won’t break your bank either! If I am going to lather a sunscreen on my skin for hours a day then step into the water with sea life or other swimmers, I make sure the decision is a responsible one.

The first place to start is looking for mineral-based sunscreens and ones with ingredients that are clean and have added nutrients for your skin. For example, VitaSea is mineral-based and uses kelp and Vitamin E & C. These are fantastic ingredients for sun-tired skin of all types. Their lotion goes on so light and rubs in very well.

Why mineral-based sunscreens? If it is not mineral-based then it is chemical-based. The active ingredient in most mineral sunscreen is non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are best for the skin and have the least impact on reefs and marine life. The added sea kelp is very sustainable and has great skin nutrients. Make sure you know what is in your sunscreen before committing to using it as much as you will this year. You can learn more about VitaSea by visiting their website.

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