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Verve Culture Moroccan Blankets are hand dyed with natural cotton

Verve Culture Moroccan Blankets are hand dyed with natural cotton

The handira, or (Moroccan) wedding blanket can be detailed with sequins, tassels, braids and pompoms. Now Verve Culture has a simple version anyone can enjoy made of natural cotton and hand dyed. Just look at the detail in this blanket! Hopefully I can do it some justice in photos. Seeing and feeling this blanket in real life is something special.

Moroccan blanket

This is the the Moroccan Blanket in rose pink, but there are 4 other color choices. This blanket is hand dyed and  softens with age and care. Can you see the gold accents? These flecks of metallic fiber that run through the fabric catch the light and twinkle.

hand dyed

The large pompoms are a touch of fun when draped on a couch, chair or blanket ladder. When the blanket arrives there is a bit of coarseness to them, but it will soften in time with use. These make great gifts that arrive packaged and wrapped to look elegant and classy.

blanket gifts

Verve Culture has more than just cultural blankets. You can find so many gifts for the home and kitchen. Visit Verve Culture to begin shopping!

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