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Vegky Jerky is a Vegan Snack Made with Non-GMO Mushrooms

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When shopping for stocking stuffers for foodies and vegans, how about some delicious jerky? With Vegky you get jerky that is made with shiitake mushrooms for a plant based treat. It has the same texture you would expect from ‘beef’ jerky. The taste is similar – it is a tad sweeter or tangier (not sweet as in sugars) just a more plant flavor but it tastes great.

Having a vegan snack that is non-GMO and minimally processed this makes a popular choice for the health foodies in your life. They get a plant-based protein snack in a choice of 5 flavors – original, spicy, wasabi, curry and pepper.

Shiitaki Mushrooms bring you so many health benefits from immunity booster, anticancer compounds, antimicrobial properties and promoting skin, cardiovascular and skeletal health. Yet it leaves that meaty texture and tastes great and is high in fiber and low in cholesterol!

you can find Vegky at stores such as Walmart.com, Amazon, Ebay, ETSY, www.Vegky.com!

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Sarah L

Have never seen this before. I would try it.

Monica McConnell

My boys love jerky. I am going to have to see if they would enjoy this.

Kelly O

I am not vegan but I am lactose intolerant, so vegan options are a wonderful option for me. Plus I love that they use mushrooms. So healthy.

Dana Rodriguez

I think I would like this. But I know my guy wouldn’t touch it so it would be alll mine 🙂

Crystal M

*gasp* I love mushrooms! I have to try these!

Thomas Batanglo

Looks like dog food.

Laurie Nykaza

This is a wonderful stocking stuffer for our loved ones who love Vegan foods. So fun to try new things and I had not seen this before so I would love to send it to my foodie friends.

megan allen

This looks good!

Sarah L

I like mushrooms. I like jerky. I would try this.