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Vegan Chicken Protein & Chicken Salt Seasoning by JADA

Vegan Chicken Protein & Chicken Salt Seasoning by JADA

If you are a Shark Tank fan like I am then perhaps you remember this episode a few weeks back where JADA owners Khasha Touloei and Maynard Okereke gained Barbara Corcoran’s partnership in their expanding vegan company. I just had to try these for myself.

SHARK TANK – “1205”

When I saw the chicken salt flavors I thought of my favorite after dinner snack – popcorn. These flavors are amazing and I also can feel good about what salts I am adding to my meals and snacks with JADA Spices Chicken Salt Seasonings. The seasonings can be used as a healthier alternative to table salt and chicken bouillon. This is great for my blood pressure as I love salt but am supposed to cut it from my diet even more. These are also great if you suffer from diabetes and are changing your diet for better health.

This is a US-based company and the use of a chicken salt is very popular in Australia already. Now we can jump on this new, healthier option here at home. Plant-based meals are gaining popularity fast whether for those with food sensitivities or wanting a healthier lifestyle. These are more than just a ‘need it to be vegan’ brand, but it actually tastes so good!

I have to admit that when I heard about the JADA Chick’n Mix I was skeptical. This is a mix in a box that I turn into a ‘chicken’ protein patty or perhaps meatball style or nuggets. Once I added water and oil I had a minced base and so into the pan it went. What a game changer for the future of plant-based protein! It is delicious. I challenge anyone to try this. See some recipes here.

JADA’s Chicken Salt Collection is an all-purpose turmeric-based vegan parve seasoning that comes in five flavors: Original, Lime, Reduced Sodium, Barbecue, and Red Pepper. Their newest edition is Turmeric Salt which has a higher blend of Turmeric. 

It’s about time for us to delete high sodium levels, MSG, and other unnatural ingredients from our foods. JADA helps do that for us. Visit JADA – Chicken Salt for more information and buy on Amazon.

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