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Valentine’s Day Gifts the Kids Will Love

Valentine's Day Gifts the Kids Will Love

When our boys were younger I remember leaving a small toy gift for them at breakfast. It typically was paired with some candy as they would trot off to school with their own Valentine’s Day gifts to hand out.

Our youngest is in 7th grade and not into handing out Valentine’s cards anymore, so the fact that we are not in-person learning yet is not a bother to him. For so many other families, it is. Even if Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend the kids would take that Friday to celebrate. There is always a party and loads of cards and candy they proudly bring home. Not this year. Let’s get them something special.

Here are some fun gifts the kids will love from dolls to blind boxes and puppies. The Secret Crush Minis are fun heart-shaped boxes that come with a candy-themed hammer to open the box and find pieces to build an adorable mini doll. Her hair opens up, so you can customize it with the included beads. Add string beads onto the included lanyard to create DIY jewelry. You can collect them all to mix and match.

We all know L.O.L. Surprise is a hit with the kids! The L.O.L. Surprise! Present Surprise Series 2 Glitter Shimmer Star Sign Themed Doll with 8 Surprises, Accessories, and a doll makes a fun gift.

Here is a favorite of mine. This is the Little Tikes Rescue Tales. They come in a few different breeds and the box turns inside out to decorate and become their dog house. There is a cat option too. They nod their heads and wag their tails and also come with an adoption certificate.

Maybe the kids won’t have 25 cards and candy to bring home this year if they are still learning at home, but we can be their Valentine! Find more gifts on Amazon for the kids.

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megan allen

I love these ideas! That doggy is so cute!! I feel terrible for the kids but I am going to try to make it special at home!!

Dana Rodriguez

I love these ideas. The Rescure Tales is adorable!